What to Expect.....

As September casually rolls in, I have come to the conclusion that I will stop talking about starting a blog and actually do it!. So to all those out there who magically stumble across my site.....WELCOME!

What do i expect in 2016?. This year i expect to do more photographic work, use this website as a  platform to express myself and also to grow as an artist. I also expect to dive into the world of research as a way to understand how to convey messages through the artistic work I showcase, I will have guest bloggers who will come and share their opinions, and lastly I hope to get out more and photograph all the beauty i see and share with everyone through this blog.

I hope to embrace this new year and embrace all that life throws at me!

thanks and be sure to follow my twitter if you are interested in talking directly to me            

(or email me  ^_^. )